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About Jupiter TV

Jupiter Media GmbH was founded on October 2018 in Vienna, Austria. Its predecessor, Austria Europe Network Information GmbH, completed its strategic transformation in 2009, and ventured into the field of interactive TV providers. In 2015, the predecessor company officially announced its cloud service for interactive TV. Today, Jupiter Media GmbH is focusing on the business of digital distribution, offering customized cloud service for TV companies, telecommunication operators, cable network companies, building professional digital distribution network with the highest commercial value.

Jupiter Media is the ideal Cloud-TV provider to choose in the age of New Media for business partners everywhere. The commercial goal of Jupiter Media is to build the strongest digital TV distribution platform and maximize the business value of the content of our partners.

Jupiter Media integrates "technical cloud service", "operation cloud service", "content cloud service" and "commercialization cloud service" together into one comprehensive interactive TV cloud service. The services of our company could be divided into 5 basic sections: technology, product, content, operation and monetization. We provide interactive TV service for TV operators, telecom operators, cable network companies and other business partners in the age of New Media. We strive to create a professional digital TV distribution network with the most commercial value.

Jupiter Media’s interactive cloud service includes technology platform development, operation and maintenance of the network, customized product research and development, content integration, content operation, user operation, marketing, customer service and monetization. We aim at cooperating with business partners within the industry to explore and share the huge potential of the interactive TV market together.

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