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About Learn French Phrasebook Free

The Learn French Phrasebook is a high quality and user-friendly Phrasebook app available on phone and tablet. And it is FREE! It will bring you an excellent and delightful learning experience!

Phrasebook Features:
♦ 400+ phrases and vocab - All FREE!!
♦ Authentic French pronunciation
♦ User-friendly design
♦ Search phrases by English or French
♦ Offline mode
♦ Copy phrases
♦ Favourite function for storing phrases

♦ Essentials
♦ Greetings
♦ Numbers
♦ Travel
♦ Transport
♦ Friends
♦ Emergency
♦ Hobby
♦ Dating
♦ Communication
♦ Work
♦ Eating
♦ Shopping
♦ Health
♦ Phone
♦ Feeling
♦ Daily
♦ Language
♦ Date and Time
♦ Family

In the Phrasebook, you can learn French daily words, phrases and conversation sentences for free. You can search phrases in two direction, i.e. English to French or French to English. More than translation and reading, you can learn to speak the phrases or vocabulary in French of correct grammar. If you are looking for a French Dictionary, you can look up and translate words by downloading French Dictionary of E+Moment. This app is the best for languages leaner, beginners and kids, Bring the app with you when you are having lessons or courses.

This Phrasebook provides authentic pronunciation of the translation. You can hear the voices and audios in the Phrasebook. Thus talk and say phrases and vocabulary in different lingo. The search function work perfectly offline without internet connection. This Learn French language Phrasebook enabler/ converter is definitely what you need in travel, business and study in France!

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