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About Sms forwarder

Main features
1) Transferring (outgoing or/and incoming) SMS to another phone using SMS.
2) Transferring (outgoing or/and incoming) SMS to a computer using email.
3) Creating filters to transfer sms depending on the SMS sender.
4) Selection of the SIM card to use for sending if the phone has multiple SIM cards.

How the application works
The application detects if a SMS has been sent or has been received.
Then it applies the user filters to decide what to do.
If the filter matches with the received/sent SMS, the application will synchronize the SMS with the second device.

Typical uses of the application
* Synchronize SMS between a phone and a computer.
* Synchronize SMS between a primary phone and a secondary phone (work, personal phone, friend phone, etc).
* Forward authentication SMS to another phone/computer.