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About Digital Tasbih / Prayer Times / Qibla / Qadha

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Prayer Times

• Add as many locations as you want from calender of Türkiye Takvimi.
• If you wish, automatic location tracking will do this for you in the background.
• You can set up prayer time notifications and alarms for each 5 times of the day.
• All notifications, prayer alarms and prayer / cuma silences adapt automatically to your last location, so you never have to think about it.
• Quickly see prayer times with permanent notification message and desktop widgets in the notification panel.
• Choose one from timeline and simple views.
• See 5 main and 12 sub prayer times on time line with Türkiye Takvimi.
• See the time remaining for iftar in Ramadan or by activating it on demand.

Prayer Beads

• Create an unlimited number of tasbihs and tasbihats.
• More then 200 readt to use tasbih and prayer definitions.
• Contains all 99 Esma-ul Husna with their arabic spellings, meanings and virtues.
• Find from library by searching via name or meaning then add it to your list and use it.
• With the Incognito mode feature, you can be protected from prying eyes by darkening your screen.
• Set daily reminder for any tasbih in your list indivudially.
• Track your usage history day by day.
• You can form unlimited number of widgets for any of your tasbih.

Tasbih Brotherhood

• Send a tasbih to the brotherhood. May your Muslim brothers participate in your chant and prayers.
• On special days, invite your friends to the tasbih brotherhood and benefit from the reward of the community.

Qibla Compass

• Get a vibrating alert when you see the qibla with the unique combination of map and compass.
• See magnetic field, declination angle, qibla angle, GPS positions on the details tab.
• If the magnetic field is unusual or something else suspicious, see a warning on the screen.

Qadha Prayer Tracking

• Calculate how many qadha you have via calculation tool.
• See the last time you made prayer for any of the vakhits.
• See how many time you need to done all.
• Keep in mind the qadha prayers by adding widgets.

Religious Days

• View the dates of upcoming and past religious days with their Gregorian and Hijri counterparts.
• See how many days are left at a glance.
• See the virtues and worship that can be done.
• See the hijri equivalents of dates for the current year.

Backup & Restore

• Back up your tasbih definitions, prayer time locations, notification preferences and all other settings with the backup function.
• When you switch to a new device, sign in with the same email address and easily restore your backup to the new device.

Some of the ready to use definitions: Kelime-i Şehadet, Kelime-i Tevhid, Salavat, Hatm’i İstiğfar, Ya Mukallibel Kulub , Bismillahi, Estağfirullah, Sübhânallâhi velhamdülillâhi, Sübhânallahi, Lâ Havle, Salat-ı Tefriciye, Salat-ı Münciye, Muhafaza Duası, Ezan Duası, Salâtü’l-Fatih, Ayet-el Kürsi, İstihare Duası, Lâ ilâhe illallah, İsmi Azam, Bereket, Tasdik, Yunus A.S. duası, Eyyüp A.S. duası, Musa A.S. duası, Yemek Duası 1, Yemek Duası 1 (Çocuk), İftar Duası, Korunma Duası, Hasbiyallahü, Allahümme Einni , Amenerrasülü, Allahümme Mağfiretüke , Seyyidül İstiğfar Duası , La Yestevi, İhlas Suresi

Our program is developed for the purpose of serving our religious brothers. It is free, does not contain advertising, does not ask for special permissions of unknown purpose.

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Very good
T.J. Captain
it's very useful
Ozcan Dayı
Ziggyzaga zao
Faydalı bir çalışma olmuş. Menü ve içerik düzenlemesi gayet kullanışlı ve iyi düşünülmüş. Elinize sağlık.
Very well
Murat İNCİ