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About Raytracer Demo

This is a threaded CPU ray tracer written in native C++. On a multi-core device, it should run at close to real time (About 10 interlaced frames per second on my Nexus 7). Thank you for your interest!

-Acceleration structures, interlacing, native implementation and multi-threading make this a very fast ray tracer. You can interact with the spheres during the render: something that is not possible with any other ray tracer currently on the Android Play Store.
-Environment mapping and recursive reflections.

Source code available at:

Cool demo
Jim Davies
Fun little demo app, reached 8-9FPS on my Xiaomi MiPad 4 (SD 660), on more and more SOC with NPUs it may be interesting to see how well they perform. Would be cool if this became a full fleged benchmark tool...
William Su
Nice demo's
Jos Jos
Hidden Spirit
finally found raytracer
Mrak Bes
Pretty cool for a school project, runs at ~10fps non interlaced and 15 fps intelaced on my phone
M Isa