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About AI Eczema App: A tool to manage Eczema

EczemaLess is an AI based app to provide a comprehensive management of your Eczema.

• This app is meant for patients who have already been diagnosed with Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema).
• EczemaLess is a classified as Clinical Decision Support (CDS) Software per the 21 Century Cures Act and is intended to only provide a recommendation to licensed health care professionals. It is NOT intended to be used by Patients for self diagnosis or self treatment.

Our AI technology instantly evaluates your skin image and gives you a suggested severity rating for your Eczema. If you develop a skin rash due to Eczema flare use our tool to keep track of it and work on a care plan to assist you.

App Features
• Intuitive insights into how the Eczema tracks over time.
• Track which trigger causes a spike in Eczema or the absence of which trigger will cause Eczema to settle down and your skin turn normal.
• How the various types of treatment and care regimens which you use is effective in controlling break outs.

Eczema Tracker:
• Track the severity of your Eczema - determine your Atopic Index
• Measure and monitor your Quality of Life Index (POEM)
• Measure and track symptoms related to Atopic Dermatitis like Itchy skin, Dryness of skin and Sleep loss.
• Use the app to keep a picture log of your Eczema and get analytics information about the progression of Eczema

Care Plan:
• Keep track of which treatment you use and how often you use them.
• Select from various types of treatment like moisturizers, dermatitis creams, steroids, medicines and bathing routines.
• Get insights into which treatment you use and how it impacts your Eczema
• Determine which eczema treatment regimen helps with your Eczema

• Select from a list of Triggers in various categories including Allergies, Environmental, Foods, Activities, Health Events, Products.
• Create your own custom trigger which you think might be causing a flare up in Eczema and start tracking.
• Load the results from an Allergy test and use the App for tracking an elimination diet on how certain food affect the severity if Eczema.
• Environmental Triggers like Pollen count, UV Index, Humidity, Air Quality and Temperature are automatically logged when a user Tracks their Eczema severity.
• Track which allergen or irritant is causing Contact Dermatitis.

Type of by default Triggers in our app consists of
o Allergies [pets, dust, mold, pollen, grasses]
o Environmental [heat, cold, air conditioning, sweat, sun]
o Foods [dairy, soy, wheat/gluten, oats, shellfish, fish, peanuts, tree nuts, legumes, eggs]
o Activities [sports, hobbies, housework, hand washing]
o Health Events [recent illness, asthma exacerbation, allergy attack, school or work stress]
o Products [detergent, soap, wool, synthetic fabrics, rough fabrics, tight clothing, scented products]

All these features are available for free.

What makes us Unique?

While undergoing treatment for Atopic Dermatitis, it is very important for the individual to track his / her activities and treatment actions to ensure that the Care-plan which s/he is following is effective. EczemaLess allows users to track their Eczema, users can also share the information with their Doctors.

Get insights on how your Eczema, trends, over a period of time and how various triggers exacerbate the problem and which treatment regimen helps. Compare your current condition with the previous using graphs and check different parameters in the same period.

Generate Summary report about how your Eczema has been doing, you can decide to share this with your Dermatologist who can determine if you are a candidate for Biologics or other prescription treatment options.

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i have used this app for my daughter. my wife hates using steroids . our Dermatologist advised us to use steroids only when rash is severe otherwise switch to non steroidal cream we were having a hard time d...
Shahid Bandarkar
Faith Elias
I like using this app so that I can record when I am having flare ups to hopefully figure out why.
Maryam Crosnoe