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About Increase Height after 18 -Yoga Exercise, Be Taller

Are you fed of your short height? Wanna grow taller? It is 100% possible to increase your height and be taller by proven secret Vedic formula. More than thousands of people’s life had been changed by this formula. (No medicines or surgery required.)
This formula is science based and proven on many people. It directly stimulate secretion of HGH (human growth hormone). So by increasing Height growth related hormone, your height naturally increases. It also makes your body perfect and smart.

Increase Height for all
1. Man & Woman
2. Kids & Adults
3. Before 18 years old
4. After 18 years old

We are unveiling Vedic secret formula to be taller. There are ancient Height Increase Yoga, Diet,Food, Tips & exercise that is set up in best combination.
Increase height or be taller naturally by following this formula for 21 days. (Do not skip a day) and fulfil you dream of being taller.
This height increase formula app is your daily personal trainer or coach.

Formula 3 Secret:
1. Vedic Diet Plan
2. Ancient Yoga
3. Vedic Exercise / workout / posture

Vedic Diet Plan:
- Diet plan of natural Hight Increase food which can directly increase production of Hight increasing hormone
- Recommend optimum supply of nutrition rich food (Protein, Vitamins, Minerals, Carbs)

Ancient Yoga:
- All Height increase yoga postures, steps, Asana, Dhyana recommended by experts
- Directly learn from video animation
- Time schedule for each yoga
- Track your daily schedule

Vedic Exercise:
- Selective workout which stretch your body
- Aerobic exercise
- 3D model to teach you all exercises
- Video tutorials for easy understanding

- 3D model animation training
- Easy to understand home-based workouts & exercise
- Everything – all the Features in app are free
- Increase height by 4.5 inches in 30 days
- Daily workout and diet tracker
- Daily reminder
- Work 100% - on kids and adults (any age)
All the formulas work differently to different individual depend on their biological differences.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Can I increase my height after 18 years old?

Yes, it is possible to increase your height even after 18 years old by following our proven Vedic formula.

Does this formula require any medicines or surgery?

No, our formula does not require any medicines or surgery. It is a natural and science-based method to increase height.

Who can use this formula to increase their height?

Our formula is suitable for everyone, including men, women, kids, and adults of all ages.

How long should I follow this formula to see results?

You should follow this formula for 21 days without skipping a day to fulfill your dream of increasing height naturally.

What are the three secrets of the formula?

The three secrets of our formula are Vedic Diet Plan, Ancient Yoga, and Vedic Exercise.

Can you explain the Vedic Diet Plan?

The Vedic Diet Plan consists of natural height-increasing foods that stimulate the production of height growth hormones. It also recommends a nutrition-rich diet including protein, vitamins, minerals, and carbs.

What does the Ancient Yoga include?

Ancient Yoga includes specific yoga postures, steps, asanas, and dhyana recommended by experts. You can learn them directly from video animations and follow a time schedule for each yoga practice.

What is the Vedic Exercise?

Vedic Exercise includes selective workouts that stretch your body and aerobic exercises. You can learn all the exercises from a 3D model and video tutorials for easy understanding.

Does the app provide daily workout and diet tracking?

Yes, the app provides a daily workout and diet tracker to help you keep track of your progress.

Can this formula really increase height by 4.5 inches in 30 days?

Yes, our formula has shown results of increasing height by 4.5 inches in 30 days, but it may vary for each individual depending on their biological differences.
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