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About Dreams Vision Board

Dreams Vision Board helps you to concentrate and maintain focus on specific life goals which are made by you and your desires to complete them.

In this digital era, there is difficult to maintain the physical dreams board, to overcome this, the Dreams Vision Board app is the best solution. You can create a motivation board, where you can add the lifetime goals, and track the progress of vision strengths and weaknesses.

This app can also be called the personal vision board creator, as it allows you to create and track your goals. You can set the daily reminder to manifest your dreams and goals.

In the vision board, you can add the daily goals with the image. Complete your vision and change the status of the daily goal into completed. On the dashboard, you can track your goals and get the status.

Add your purpose of life in the My Purpose, add the life vision in the My vision and also add the life goal in MY goal, which you want to achieve in your life. You can edit and share your life vision and goals with friends and family, or share them on the social media network.

Vision Board app gives different affirmations quotes like Abundance, Attitude, Beauty, Business, Confidence, Decision making, Exercise, Family, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Health, Love, Love to attraction, Pregnancy, Self-esteem, Success, and Women. While reading this affirmation, you get the positive and motivating thoughts to complete your desires. You can write and add your own affirmations to the list. Play all the affirmations quotes like a social media status with awesome sounds.

Now you can create the custom vision board. Create the custom with the help of realistic natural background or can select from a phone gallery or take photo through the device camera, Add the stickers that will motivate you, write the motivational thoughts with stylish font & color, You can also write on the background with the fingertips and erase with the eraser. Easy to download it into the phone storage and share the created visions with others.

You can create journals and notes with this vision board app. Write the note in a simple manner or with the checkbox. When you complete a goal and you want to strike out then with a single tap you can do that.


1. Can enable the daily affirmation reminder
2. Enable the background sounds.
3. Select the background music from the collection.
4. Choose the autoplay time.
5. You can enable the replay after the playing ends.

Features of the Dreams Vision Board

- Simple and easy to create a vision board, dream board, or idea board
- Helps to the manifestation of goals and dreams
- Track your goals and visions progress
- Different categories and a huge collection of affirmation
- Preview the affirmation with music
- Save and share the affirmations quotes
- Create and add the affirmation and motivational quotes
- Easy to create the custom vision board
- Write the journals in simple notes or with a checkbox

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