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About Wolf Airsoft MilSim

Wolf Airsoft MilSim:

Wolf Airsoft MilSim is a military tactical simulator. Designed for sporting use in MilSims, Skirms or Battlefield simulations, Wolf Airsoft MilSim offers real-time movements with GPS-coordinates on a real-time map, provides by Google Maps, with self-created buildings, areas, routes, markings and much more.

The App is separated in two useable parts ...

The Map ... is the main part of the MilSim.

* Real time map and movements
* Squads shown in color, optionally show/hide
* Positioning either on yourself or your own squad.
* North facing or line of sight
* Signal enemy contact
* Enable hit/spawn time
* Real-time map with two-finger zoom in 3D mode
* Red light filter
* Buildings, routes, markers, etc. created by the game master.
* Real-time dynamic markers (POIs).
* and much more is planned.

MilSim game masters can ...

* Manage and organize MilSims. Locations and playing fields can be created, and squad teams can be defined.
* Create locations and playing fields.
* Create buildings and area outlines.
* Set distances/routes.
* Set markers (POIs).
* Define squad teams.
* Create and start MilSims.
* Invite and assign players to created squad teams.
* Define squad leader.

All separated by color and name to make a MilSim as detailed as possible and to get the best gaming experience.

The MilSim Game Master is available as an in-app purchase.

MilSim Squad Members can ...

* Join a MilSim created by the game master.

The feature "MilSim Squad Member" is available after purchasing this app.

The positions of the participating players are shown in real time on a real-time satellite map, grouped by colors into teams, like buildings, routes, markings, etc. The map can be aligned and positioned in different ways. Information such as enemy contact or hit (return to spawn point) can be quickly triggered with the press of a button in the heat of MilSim combat.

Wolf Airsoft MilSim provides MilSims, Skirms and Battlefield simulations with the real-time benefits associated with military-tactical environments, along with direct visualization on a map.


Purchasing this app enables participation in a MilSim as a player / squad member. This MilSim is previously created and started by a game master.

Within the app there is the option to unlock the functionalities of a game master as an in-app purchase. As a game master, MilSims can be managed, created, organized and started, see above "MilSim Game Master ...".

Recorded / Collected Data / Costs:
The app collects the devices own GPS coordinates during a MilSim, see Required / Requested Permissions and makes them available to the other participating players on a map. As a result, personal information is published within the framework and at the time of the MilSim MilSim-internal data. In addition to the purchase amounts incurred for the app, the MilSim may incur costs on the part of the device used. Please also read the data protection regulations.

Important / Required / Requested Permissions:

INTERNET ... is required to access the Internet, e.g. query and store data from a database.

ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION, ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION, ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION ... are required to query the exact position of the device used in real time.

BILLING ... is required to implement in-app purchases, for unlocking several functionalities..

Depending on the Android version installed on the used device, authorizations based on sensitive data, e.g. requesting your own location coordinates, will be requested immediately and the use will be pointed out.

More permissions are added/required by the third party libraries used.

For more Infos, see the data protection-site.

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