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About Jessy - JSON Editor

What is Jessy and what it is about ?

Jessy is an editor for your daily notes or important things you want to keep, note down or you want to organize, which is easy to use, it's UI is intuitive, well structured and dropped down to the esstentials, but packed with great features, and in the background, all data is stored in a JSON-formatted, text-based file. It's about to work with and handle JSON-Files the easy way.

Basically, you can use Jessy as your favorite notes-editor, to store your contacts, shopping lists, todo lists, your thoughts, your notes, URLs to your favorite websites, etc.

You can use Jessy for anything you want to save your notes on. You can save texts, numbers, checkable options, etc.. Remarkable, Jessy maps the data into a natural directory structure, providing a familiar interface for organizing the data with lists and folders.

It's like a database, but under the hood, it's just a text/JSON-file.

What is JSON ?

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format. It is easy for humans to read and write. It is easy for machines to parse and generate. ... Thus, a file in JSON format can be transferred and integrated in various programs.

So, everyone, humans and machines, can access, read, write, work with and handle JSON-files. It's not only JSON, Jessy flattens you the way to work with JSON like a key-value database, readable with every texteditor.


* Create, save and open JSON files, with texts, numbers/floats, checkables options (booleans), objects and arrays (directory structured), dates, times, and many more data-types, and more are coming.
* Download files from an URL to your local system.
* Well structured, intuitive directory behavior
* RAW view of JSON files/nodes/items
* Easy value-copying
* Easy sharing
* Copy/Paste of JSON elements
* Favorites
* History
* Homescreen-Shortcuts, to your favorite files

* More needful neatures coming soon ...

Languages available
* english
* german

Permissions needed

... used to display commercial banners.
... used to trigger a download of an URL via the Android-Systems Download-Manager.
... just in case to grant access to open and save files/documents, for it's not automatically granted.
... to install shortcuts to your favorites files on your homescreen.
... to read and write files provided by external prodiver-apps and are not related to Android's document management.

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