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About Moving Mind Meditation

Moving Mind Meditation - offers a variety of meditation audio files, arranged in sections: Morning, Day, Night - and is available in both male and female voices.

Meditations for Morning are meant to give you the best possible start of your day. The ones for Day are meant to give you access to your own internal resources for use right away. The Meditations for Night are meant to relax you and prepare you for a good night's sleep.

The App also contains breathing exercises, meant to calm your body and nervous system.

Also, the app contains a section with nature sounds, meant to give you a calm ambience to allow you to focus on whatever you wish.

Lastly, we added a section of relaxing music for meditation.

In every section you will find free content - usually the top item in the list. It appears in color - and items appearing in grayscale are subscription items. Once a subscription is active - these items will be in color as well.

To access the subscription content, you need an active subscription.

Subscriptions come in two variations, the Moving Mind Meditation Monthly subscription, at USD2.49 or local equivalent per month and the Moving Mind Meditation Yearly subscription, at USD19.99 or local equivalent per year.

The subscriptions can be purchased from within the app and are initially set to auto-renew upon expiry. If you want to let the subscription expire, you can control that in the subscription management on your device.

Also, should you cancel your active subscription, you will still have access to subscription content for the remainder of your paid subscription period.

The use of the Moving Mind Meditation App, is subject to agreeing to the End User License Agreement. You will find it at

Also, you will find our data privacy policy on

If you have problems with this app, perhaps you will find answers on our FAQ page, at or you can submit a support request on our support form page on

Upon use of a meditation, a breath exercise or a nature sound, the app will store the relevant data file on your device, which means faster access next time you choose it and also allows you to use the item in "airplane" mode, keeping you from being disturbed while you listen to your item.

We sincerely hope you will enjoy our App.

Best regards,
The Moving Mind Team

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