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About Legalisation in Denmark

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark offers a range of services which can be purchased online.

The following services are available via this app.:

- Apostille/Legalisation
Danish public documents often needs to be legalised/apostillesed when used abroad. If you have a digitally signed document, or an original document issued and signed by a Danish authority, you can have the document legalised or apostillised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Please follow the instructions in the app.

- Legalisation of certain types of export-related documents (no fee)
The Apostille Convention does not apply to certain types of document dealing directly with commercial- or customs operations and are therefore not to be apostillised. Instead these document are subject to a standard legalisation ("This is the true signature of…"). No fee is charged for services in connection with this type of documents. A complete list of documents which fit into this category can be found on

Ordering services through the app requires personal attendance or that documents are submitted by mail.

In case the services you require can be processed and delivered digitally, it is recommended that you use the webshop of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.