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About Raisin: The Natural Wine App

Find, Share and Enjoy Natural Wine, wherever you are, around the world!

Natural wine is wine that respects man and nature, made from a single ingredient -- grapes -- and sometimes a bit of sulphur. "Raisin" in French means grape (and is pronounced rāzən).

• 150,000+ downloads
• 4,500+ establishments registered worldwide
• 1,800+ natural winemakers enlisted
• Available in 3 languages: EN, FR, JP

Thank you for downloading our app and for your support!
Raisin Team

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Raisin?

Raisin is a mobile app that allows users to find, share, and enjoy natural wine wherever they are in the world.

What is natural wine?

Natural wine is wine that is made from grapes and sometimes a small amount of sulphur. It is produced in a way that respects both man and nature.

How many downloads does Raisin have?

Raisin has been downloaded over 150,000 times.

How many establishments are registered on Raisin?

There are over 4,500 establishments registered on Raisin worldwide.

How many natural winemakers are enlisted on Raisin?

Raisin has enlisted over 1,800 natural winemakers.

In which languages is Raisin available?

Raisin is available in three languages: English, French, and Japanese.
Excelent app! Great intuitive system!
Martin Calisto Friant
quintessential for world travel
Nathan Hodge
This app is fantastic, tells me everything I want to know about finding great natural wine spots, and ad-free! (It does ask for donations to support it, which I think is in line with natural wine's philosoph...
Jessica Boulet
Love this app in SF. Has helped me grow my appreciation for natural wine. Loved by our local wine/food editor, too!
Ryan Mathews
A perfect way to find wine places in a new place
galin a
I can't imagine a life without Raisin :)
Marcel de Cocq