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About KURMA - Live mindfully

Every day, whereever you are. KURMA will provide mindfulness impulses which connect you with your inner self and remind you to relax and be aware here and now. Written by the bestselling authors Long & Schweppe, a certified psychologist and a meditation teacher. The app helps beginners as well as experienced practitioners of mindfulness.

It’s easy to be mindful – but it’s not so easy to stay mindful. KURMA supports you in becoming more mindful every day. It will help you to “wake up” and connect to the only moment which really counts: NOW!

Scientifically sound
Many recent studies have proven the positive effect of mindfulness exercises. The mindfulness impulse technique will help to:
– reduce stress
– sleep better
– ease anxiety or depressive disorders
– prevent burnout
– to cope with difficult emotions
– strengthen the immune system
– reduce pain
– develop self-compassion
– master crises much better.

What’s special about KURMA?
KURMA is intentionally minimalistic. It gives you
• More than 150 mindfulness impulses, which help you to stay here and now
• More than 100 inspirations for increased mindfulness, equanimity and contentness
• More than 100 quotes about mindfulness, happiness and joy
• More than 50 mini meditations for your daily mindfulness exercises.
• Completely biligual, English and German, no automated translation.
• No adds, no subscription

And now, also four guided meditations (audio)
• Bodyscan
• Mindfulness Meditation
• Heart Meditation
• Three Minute Meditation

Mindfulness and Relaxation
Mindfulness leads to happiness. Mindfulness reduces stress, increases equanimity and inner peace and helps you to find a deeper meaning in you life.
It's very easy to be mindful. In a short mindfulness course you can learn everything there is to learn. BUT:
To really bring mindfulness into your live, there is one thing of outstanding importance: Practice!

To practice mindfulness half an hour a day is a very good thing. It is much more effective though, to switch your brain only very shortly, just for a few seconds, to "mindfulness-mode" now and again during your normal day. This "intermittend reinforcement" leads to quickest learning. But this means to have unregularly mindfulness-impulses.
So, an alarm clock wouldn't do. A personal mindfulness-trainer who accompanies you through the day, will work fine. A much cheaper and practical alternative is KURMA.

Turn your smartphone into a personal mindfulness coach!
You can't substitute this app with an alarm clock on your smartphone, because:
– the impulses don't come regularly in KURMA. This optimizes the learning success according to the findings of cognitive psychology.
– you can control the intervalls – you decide how often you want to receive an impulse which increases your mindfulness
– you will receive concrete impulses – so you don't even have to think about where to direct your mindfulness. You can switch your brain directly to "mindfulness-mode"
– if you choose, you can not only receive mindfulness impulses, but also inspirations, quotes and mini meditations which help to develop your mindfulness.

Free and Premium version
You can try KURMA free. It’s fully functional and you can try it out as long as you want. If you like the app, you can upgrade to the Premium Version. It’s cheaper than one pack of headache pills – but a lot more effective!
• No subscriptions
• No data collecting
• No recurring costs
• No membership
With the premium version you get severeal hundred mindfulness impulses, inspirations, quotes and mini-meditations and all four guided meditations.

We are always happy to receive your feedback. If you have questions or suggestions or if you find any problems in the App, you can always contact us on our homepage or visit us on Instagramm longschweppe