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About Color Gear — create harmonious color palettes

Color Gear is a handy multipurpose tool that helps to create harmonious color swatches. To find the right color combination, designers and artists use color theory and the basis of it: color wheels and harmonies. Or maybe you just started to learn the basics of color science and you need a simple app to study the color harmony in practice.

Use color wheel that suits your needs
Our app supports two color models — Full Color Wheel (RGB model) and Basic Itten's Color Wheel. Color scheme by Itten is typically used by artists, and RGB is designed for online use. For both of them you can apply one of the 10 color combinations \ harmonies.

Ability to extract colors from your image
Select the desired picture from your phone and application's algorithms will extract colors. Then you can choose favorite colors and save the palette.

Get matching colors to your custom color
Just type in your color code and discover color harmonies with this particular color.

Use color editing tool
It is very important to balance the quantitative ratio of color in order to make your palette look harmonious in practice. The application has a convenient function to quickly swap colors in the images. There are 3 pictures and gradient in the palette editing carousel. You can see how the selected colors look in different ratios. By clicking on the particular color swatch you can easily edit the color.

Easy to manage and share
Also you will be able to save, export and remove palettes. To share the desired palette just choose mode — text HEX codes or image. You can always copy a particular color code under color swatch to the clipboard.

Developing Color Gear we tried to make it professional and easy to use. Two color circles, 10 color harmonies, option to input a color code manually, ability to get a color palette from desired image and convenient palette editing tool that are always at hand in one application.

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Highly recommend for any graphic artist (or just regular artist)!
Tom Napp
Very nice app! I love the way I can make palettes. Would like to see a feature for changing saturation and value for individual colors. Basically move the circles individually or use sliders.
Dolly N
Jhonny nützmann