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About KEN Verben konjugieren

»KEN konjugieren App« conjugate German Verbs in a playful manner. Frequent repetitions make it easy to memorize - conveniently from your couch or whilst on the go. You learn how to pick the right tense (Zeitform) with simple exercises.

Having fun is the best way to learn and ensures a successful learning process. That is why KEN relies on a simple, playful principle instead of complicated procedures with a dry set of rules.

The learning app KEN deutsche Verben konjugieren (KEN conjugate German Verbs) offers you hundreds of exercises to conjugate German verbs. It includes German vocabulary alongside matching images which help you to internalize the correct tense.

🍴 Menu with different levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2)
❤ Create favorites to repeat specific exercises frequently
💡Grammar Rules and German tense (Plusquamperfekt, Präteritum, Perfekt, Präsens, Futur 1, Futur 2)
📔 Search in a 10,000 word reference manual
🕸 Offline support
🖼 Exercises with images
👂 Learn by listening (Read-aloud function)

The free KEN app is developed by a small team from Berlin to learn German verbs and conjugation in a playful way.
We are looking forward to your suggestions and any feedback!


App Tutorials (KEN + DerDieDas-App)

Instagram (daily exercises)

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Really great app!
Larissa Boettcher
Ich liebe diese app! Sehr gut!
Luigi Gentile
It is a good app to catch up and practice your german knowledge about verbs.
Omara Jimenez