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About Self Love for Spiritual Singles

Dear beautiful angel!

You can come on a spiritual journey with us. We will give you many ideas and techniques that will help you to accept and love yourself more and more every day.

Because only, when you love yourself, can another beautiful soul see you the way you really are. And see and feel how you shine!

It is way too easy to fall in love with somebody, just because you want to feel loved by somebody.

Try to first find your full acceptance and your full, unconditional love for yourself. Then, go hunting and look out for your perfect match. Because then, you will find the right person for you.

In this app, Mina and I will share various ideas and techniques with you that can bring you closer to yourself and help you to love yourself more. We have used all of these techniques and ideas on our own journey, so they are not just something we read about on the internet, but they really are our own personal experiences.

We don’t preach what is the right thing to do for you. We live what we believe in, and then we share with you.

You decide, what you make with it. For the first couple of days you might just want to listen to both of our voices. And then later on, you may consider incorporating some of these ideas into your daily life rituals if you feel like it.

We want to give you this app completely for free, because we want to reach (and help to change) many hearts and souls with it. If you like our work and want to contribute to it, please have a look at what we can offer you in the “More About Us” section of this app!

Mina has been teaching english to kids, teenagers and adults for many years and is now starting to create and organize workshops for teenagers and young adults to help them develop their self-love and self-esteem.

Nils has been writing several spiritual books and mobile apps, he recorded many guided imageries and audio meditations and lately developed the new energetic healing technique “Healer and Creator”.

We will both guide you through this app with both of our voices.

Let's get started on a wonderful journey to yourself! :-)

I found so many helpful hints and healing methods in this app and it's a pleasure listening to their lovely voices, somehow very soothing. Thanks for your wonderful app.
Pink Ink