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About Light Circle Meditations

Light circle families are circles of five to eight light-filled souls who regularly meditate together, usually at arranged times, virtually connected to each other in the imagination, and take turns supporting each other with astral healing powers on their path of growth.

Make an appointment for the virtual thirty-minute meditations, for example in your own Telegram or Whatsapp chat group. At the agreed time, you can use the meditation timer of this app to be reminded of the three phases of the light circle meditation by a gong. The three phases are described in detail in the instructions.

When you start the meditation timer, you will hear a single gong (= phase 1). After ten minutes of silent meditation time, two gongs sound, heralding the second phase. After another ten minutes, after the signal of three gongs, the last phase of the light circle meditation begins.

How often and how regularly you do your light circle meditations is up to you. If you want to do something else during the 3 x 10 minutes, you are welcome to do so. The instructions are therefore not a dogma, but only a suggestion that has proven itself in practice.

The app is completely free.