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About SchildiChat

SchildiChat is a client for the matrix protocol, based on the Element app.
Compared to other clients, it provides a more classic instant messenger feel, while still providing the full functionality of the reference client.

The matrix protocol is a decentralized approach to modern messaging, allowing for end-to-end encryption, shared message history across multiple devices, and more.

Compared to the Element app, SchildiChat features following changes:
- A unified chat list for both direct and group chats
- Optional message bubbles
- Further usability improvements and additional settings to configure the app

SchildiChat is open source:
More information about the Matrix protocol:

It's the great matrix client. Even it is better than element. 😄
Muhammad Anisur Rahman
Very good alternative to Element. Especially the combined chat list view is the most desirable feature. Hope it will continue updating.
Manuel K
It would be really nice if you could add custom wallpapers support. I love this app. ❤️
Music Jar