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About Solitaire (Free, no Ads)

Solitaire-Palace – Your community for the popular card game Klondike
Klondike Solitaire is one of the most famous Patiences and is played by young and old people around the world.
Whether clubs, leagues or individual rule sets, Solitaire Palace gives you all, a true solitaire fan needs.
Solve your table and challenge your friends.

Get engaged in a wide range of CLUBS:
- Join or found a club
- Find new friends to play Solitaire with
- Participate at the club league together
- Meet up to play games with your club mates
- Stay up to date with your club chat

Compete with the best at our LEAGUES:
- You automatically take part in our leagues
- Move up in the player and club league
- Become Quarterly Champion and see your record in the Hall of Fame

Play with your personal preferences and use your own RULE SET:
- Wide range of Klondike rule variations:
o Klondike turn three
o With Joker
o Double deck
o Relaxed mode
o Easthaven
o And many more

Use different CARD DECKS:
- Use our mobile-friendly cards
- Or the traditional Altenburger card decks
- Choose one of these:
o American Deck
o German Deck
o French Deck
o Tournament Deck

With detailed STATISTICS, you can improve your game:
- Immensely detailed statistics for every tableau
- Look at your opponents statistics
- Expectation values show you where you can improve.

You will play only against real players:
You will play Klondike live against real players, but don’t worry, you don’t need to rush because at the end the player with the most efficient solve gets the most points. You will find beginners as well as pros playing with.

Download the App now and for free. Enjoy your game of Solitaire.
Play Solitare Palace now for free and without advertisement.

By downloading our game you agree to our terms & conditions and our privacy policy.

Terms & conditions:
Privacy policy:

Have fun and enjoy our game

Your Solitaire-Palace Team

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Solitaire-Palace?

Solitaire-Palace is a community for the popular card game Klondike Solitaire. It offers various features and options for solitaire enthusiasts.

How can I join a club in Solitaire-Palace?

You can join or found a club in Solitaire-Palace. It allows you to find new friends to play Solitaire with, participate in club leagues, and play games with your club mates.

What are the different rule sets available in Solitaire-Palace?

Solitaire Palace offers a wide range of Klondike rule variations such as Klondike turn three, with Joker, double deck, relaxed mode, Easthaven, and many more.

Can I use different card decks in Solitaire-Palace?

Yes, you can use different card decks in Solitaire-Palace. You can choose between mobile-friendly cards or traditional Altenburger card decks, including American Deck, German Deck, French Deck, or Tournament Deck.

How can detailed statistics help me improve my game in Solitaire-Palace?

Solitaire-Palace provides immensely detailed statistics for every tableau. You can also look at your opponents' statistics to analyze and improve your gameplay. Expectation values show you where you can improve.

Will I play against real players in Solitaire-Palace?

Yes, you will play Klondike live against real players in Solitaire-Palace. However, the game is not rushed. The player with the most efficient solve gets the most points. Beginners as well as pros play in the game.

Are there any advertisements in Solitaire-Palace?

No, Solitaire-Palace is completely free and without advertisements.

Where can I find the terms and conditions and privacy policy of Solitaire-Palace?

You can find the terms and conditions at this link: The privacy policy can be found here: By downloading the game, you agree to these terms and conditions and the privacy policy.
Nomioko Erdenejargal
I really like this. Good play. No ads. Has become my go to solitaire.
Marc Bieri
💖 it
Lorie Mae Vito
I like how you can play against others. Also, customize your account.
Jimi Bowers
Well, I THOUGHT I was a very good Solitaire player...until I landed here!!!lol...I can only hope to become a better player, as I know I will. Be READY to "put your seatbelt on"...
Katherine Fabre
Its fun
fun cv