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About GC Wizard Gold

This version is absolutely identical to the free version of the "GC Wizard", it contains no additional features. This is only a "Buy me a coffee" version.

This app contains numerous offline tools, tables and calculators to support the active geocacher in the field or at home in solving puzzles or calculations.

Created by a developer of the famous app GeoCache Calculator (GCC), the GC Wizard can be considered as its successor.

- more than 70 symbol tables
- Formula Solver for Multi Stage Geocaches and Mysteries, incl. Variable Coordinate for interpolation of unknown values

- Letter values (umlauts, Greek, Russian, custom alphabets)
- Rotation
- ASCII/Unicode
- Morse
- Phone keys (Vanity)
- Polybios
- Vigenère
- Playfair
- Enigma
- and many more

Coordinate Calculators/Geodesy:
- Projections (forward/reverse)
- Convert formats
- Intersections of lines and circles

- Convert 150 units (e.g. meters into miles)
- Periodic table of the element
- Wind force (Beaufort)
- Color space converter (e.g. RGB to CMYK)
- Pi/Phi/e up to 1 million digits
- Prime numbers
- Numeral systems/Radix (e.g. binary to hexadecimal)
- and many more