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About PreppersTool

PreppersTool - by preppers for preppers

Prepper is derived from the English word prepare and refers to people who prepare themselves for potential crises.
These preparations include stockpiling emergency supplies (food, drinks, medicine and other essentials), but also planning for escaping (bug-out), alternative communication routes (radio) and learning basic survival techniques play a central role in prepping. Which scenarios you want to prepare for (forces of nature or man-made) is rather secondary - the focus is on independence from modern infrastructure, without which our everyday life is no longer possible.

This app allows you to comprehensively manage emergency supplies
With the categories Food, Water, Tools and Other and their specific subcategories, your entire inventory can be typified. In addition to your home stockpile, you can also create as many inventories as you like for your escape vehicles, backpacks and camps.
Items in all inventories with a low shelf life are prioritised and trigger cyclical notifications so that they can be used and replaced in time. Based on all stored supplies, the system calculates how long your supply of food and drink should last in an emergency.

Your surroundings can be better assessed with a map
Create various POIs (points of interest) with relevance in the event of a crisis. Where can you find drinking water, food, medical supplies or military bases? In some scenarios, this knowledge is extremely valuable to better handle problems at your location.

Staying in contact is extremely important, especially in a crisis
For this purpose, agreements can be made in text form or meeting points can be created on the map (where do you leave messages, at what time do you expect messages from each other). In order to be able to communicate with each other over longer distances, only communication by radio is usually possible without a power supply. Radio agreements can be saved, in which all relevant information for radio communication is stored.

Export of all relevant information as PDF
Everything that has been entered in the app, including results on demand coverage, can be exported as a tabular PDF, which can then be displayed, sent or printed directly with other apps.

Internationalised and customisable
Currently, the app is available in English and German and supports the Metric and US Imperial System for units to define volume, mass, distance and more. Daily requirements for food, drinking water and utility water, as well as options for notifications, can be configured as desired.

The PreppersTool is under constant development
We have several years of experience as hobby preppers and welcome any exchange with others who are involved in prepping. We have already received many suggestions for new functions and are working on their implementation. This way, we can keep improving our tool and, over time, provide more comprehensive help for prepping - all in one app.

Contact for problems, questions and more
We are happy about every message via Telegram ( or Mail ([email protected])!