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About Basket Shopping List

Basket is focused on what you need to quickly create shopping lists that help you to do your shopping efficiently and not forget anything.

When the app already knows an item, that you want to add to a list, it can automatically group it with other items that belong to the same category. You can also specify the quantity and a unit for items and add a comment.

With groups you can bundle items and add them to a list at once. This is useful for the ingredients to your favourite recipes or other items that you regularly buy at the same time.

When you go shopping, the clear design lets you easily see which item to pick up next and which you have already got.

• Create multiple lists and assign them different colors.
• Items on a list can be grouped by categories.
• Add a quantity, a unit and a comment to items.
• Create groups of items that you need regularly, so you can add them to a list all at once.
• Share lists with others via text message or email.
• Clear and elegant design.
• Basket knows a lot of common items by default, but you can also add new ones easily.

This app helps me to manage lists specific by store & department. It comes with a large list of default items that is fully customizable while allowing manual entry of items as needed. I've used this app for...
Matt Weigel
Works well. just like it as it is, simple.
Terry Cook
Easy to use!
George Tully