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About Rejseplanen

The Danish Journey Planner


* search for journeys between all addresses, stations, stops and points of interest in all of Denmark
* see departures from your nearest stops or stations
* see a map of your walk to the station or stop (Google Maps)
* see current status of most trains, the Copenhagen Metro and busses
* access your previous searches easily
* use the "Take me home" button which with one touch will show you a journey from where you are now to your home address
* follow your most used journeys and get an alarm if something is changed on the journey

Ozan Uslu
Qalbi waraabshe Media
this app allows to plan a trip with different pubblic transportation and from any location one might be. Then I can say that it is effective but same time, for people knowing the way, it's easier chosing the...
Roberta Righetti