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About Harmonic Tuner Intonation Expert

Get optimal instrument tuning and intonation set-up based on harmonic measurement. Quickly find the tuning reference pitch and intonation of music performances.

Special Features:
- Harmonic Tuner
- Historical Temperaments (Werckmeister etc. See Web page)
- Stretch Tunings
- Intonation (Tuning) & Inharmonicity protocols
- Temperament Editor (Create and analyze temperaments)
- Guitar setup (Nut & bridge adjustment) assistant
- Temperament Detector
- Strobe Look (Up to 16 harmonics)
- Reference Pitch (Concert A) & Key Detector
- Harmonic-wise tuning + level measurement (bargraphs, up to 16 harmonics)
- Spectrum Tuner
- Concert A pitch range: 320Hz to 604Hz (+/-5 semitones, precision 0.1 Hz).

Feature Details: see Harmonic Tuner website

Please, keep the screen on... This is a wonderful app for working on my tone. But it doesn't keep the screen on, and there isn't even an option to. Pretty, pretty please? Update: my requested feature is in! ...
Ethan Trooskin-Zoller
The best tuner I've ever encountered. I am the owner of Guitar Audio Design in Cincinnati, Ohio and I 100% stand behind this product. Amazing!!!
Rick Lakoduk
Worthy of 5 Stars and beyond! I play multiple mountain dulcimer's and this is a fantastic tool. It recomends diffrent tempermeants based on each of my instruments. I wouldnt have normally thought to try thes...
A Google user