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About Brushrage - Miniature Painting Done Right

Brushrage is aimed at miniature and model painters both professionals and hobbyists to organise and track your projects, progress and colours used or in possession.

• Create projects and track the time spent on them
•• Use categories and sub-projects
•• Check all the sessions spent painting
•• Look at charts and statistics of paint sessions
•• Schedule finish-dates and plan ahead with estimated workloads

• Keep track of the paints used for certain projects
•• Pick paint from database
•• Pick colour from photo
•• Scan via UPC scan code
•• Design your own paint mix
•• Search for similar paints

• Document projects, sessions and paints/mixes with comments and photos

• Create paint-sets and share them online

• Manage your paint inventory and shopping list

• Build your own How-Tos and step-by-step guides or download existing ones

• Find similar paints and products based on existing paints or photos

• Build up and manage a gallery for inspiration purpose or to find paints used in them

• Share images from Instagram or other apps directly into your own How-To or gallery

• Backup your data to Google Drive or export it to a server for device-migration

• Colour themes and dark mode

---- Hints ----

• Deleting in lists is done by swiping to the left
• Deleting in other groups/grids is done by long-pressing
• Long-presses often offer an additional functionality (like delete, edit or multi-select)
• Every icon is a button with a functionality
• Text can often be tapped and offers a functionality

---- Supplied Paint Ranges ----

• Abteilung 502
• AK Interactive
• AMMO by Mig
• Andrea
• Badger Minitaire
• Citadel / Forge World
• Coat d'arms
• Creature Caster
• Cuttlefish Colors
• Daler Rowney
• Darkstar Molten Metals
• Formula P3
• Gamescraft
• Golden
• GreenStuffWorld
• Hataka Hobby
• Humbrol
• Instar
• Kimera
• Liquitex
• Monument Hobbies
• Mr. Hobby
• Reaper
• Revell
• Scale 75
• Schmincke
• Tamiya
• TheArmyPainter
• Turbo Dork
• Vallejo
• WarColours
• Wargames Foundry

---- Disclaimer on used permissions ----

The app uses the following permissions for the following purposes. The app will not access your photos or camera or upload any of your data without your own intentional actions or without visual feedback or your consent.

• Storage & photos (optional): The app tries to store all data on your SD-card to prevent cluttering your phone with its database or lots of photos you may attach. It also allows attaching photos from your phone and thus needs access to your storage.
• Camera and video (optional): The app allows to attach photos in various places (for example projects, How-Tos, comments, paints, Paint-Sets, Swatches/Gallery) and also has a Barcode-Scanner which uses the video-mode of the camera.
• Internet and download: The app has various online-features like downloading How-Tos, Paint-Sets, making online-backup (Server or Google Drive) of your data and downloading images from the web or from Instagram or to perform an anonymous read-only version-check.
• Preventing stand-by: While using the barcode-scanner, the app prevents the phone from going into stand-by, so you can keep scanning without the screen getting locked automatically.
• Controlling vibration: The app has optional reminders about active timers or to make you go paint. These reminders may vibrate if you want to.
• Notifications: See above. All notifications are optional and can be disabled in the settings.

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