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About Darts-Counter Demo

The Darts-Counter is a Darts scorer for the classic Steel Darts. The app can be used in the current version on all devices from Android version 4.4. The free demo version shows most of the possibilities of the Darts-Counter. The victories are not counted and the dart counter is terminated after each complete game and must be restarted.

No commercials, pure Darts fun!

Keyboard operation for 301/501 at Android TV Box. More games will follow.

The possibilities!

Player Management: All players and teams with any number of members are managed. Clicking on long can edit teams and players.

Up to six players or teams can play at the same time.

301/501: 301/501 points must be thrown. Whoever is the first to achieve 0 points has won. A player wins, or it will be played out. Single, Double and Master In Out can be played.
Variant Elimination: From 0 to 301/501. If one player reaches the score of an opponent, he must start again at 0 points.

Cricket: A game for four players or teams. It must be closed all fields from 15 to 20 and scored the most points. A player wins, or it will be played out.
Variant Cut Throat: In the variant Cut Throat, the opponents get the points. The winner is who has the least points.

Fox hunt: The fox has to throw down all the numbers beginning with 20 counterclockwise until 20 again, then he is in its den. The hunter start at 18 and have to catch the fox before he is in its den.

Fir tree: A game for two players or teams. Who first cleared his fir tree first is the winner.

Hangman: A game for two to six players or teams. Who does not throw more than his predecessor loses.

Halve It: Hit the targets 15, 16, Double, 17, 18, Triple, 19, 20 and Bull in nine rounds. You can't, your score is halved.

All Fives: The sum of three darts must be divisible by 5. There is a point of any fives. 51 point or more to win.

Count Up: In eight rounds it must be thrown as many points as possible.

Double Down 41: Hit the targets 20, 19, Double, 18, 17, Triple, 16, 16, 41 (in total) and Bull in ten rounds. You can't, your score is halved.

Shanghai: Points are collected in each round on a current field. Who last has the most points, or hits a single, double and triple of the current field wins.