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About Access Scan-App

The EVENTIM.Access Scan-App for access control via Smartphone or Tablet for event promoters. We advise using the Scan-App for your event when there are eTickets (TicketDirect ([email protected]) or MobileTickets) have been sold via CTS EVENTIM for your event.
The Scan-App is intended for professional use in the event business and needs dedicated credentials from CTS EVENTIM.

- Check tickets (especially eTickets) upon validity for your events
- Identify already checked-in/cancelled/not permitted tickets
- Tickets can be scanned with the smartphone's camera (autofocus needed)
- Info-Mode for easy clearing
- Synchronize your data using mobile data or WiFi
- Offline-Mode after download of all ticketdata

- Activation and credentials provided by CTS EVENTIM resp. contractual partners of CTS EVENTIM.
- Access to EVENTIM.Access Advanced or EVENTIM.Light for administrative tasks for event promoters / contractual partners.
- The EVENTIM.Access Scan-App is not intended for private usage.
- Android 4.4 and above

In case you forgot your credentials, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your CTS EVENTIM representative by E-Mail [email protected]