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About Monster Lair

Monster Lair helps you to create and export your encounters for Pathfinder Second Edition by Paizo.

Core features:
- Create your own encounters and let the app calculate XP values and encounter difficulty for you. This encounter calculator also allows the Proficiency without Level variant rules.
- Random encounter generation (completely random or according to template)
- Random treasure generation for a party level
- Add custom monsters to encounters
- Browse lists of monsters, hazards and treasure from all sources with a bunch of filters for traits, rarity, etc. Everything links to the corresponding Archive of Nethys entry.
- Print your saved encounters or save them as PDF so you have them handy at the table.
- Dark mode ready

Adjusted: Now we have -1's so I have adjusted my review accordingly. Left the original to show how well you interact with users. Perfect app for GMs now. Original Review: There seems to be some creatures mis...
Great app, easy to build encounters and generate treasure
Ben Pharn
Perfect for a DM for random encounters and designing in depth encounters!
Liam Spencer