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About Drill Down

You start out on the surface on a mine shaft, faced with several deposits of valuable ores. You begin building your basic mining rig, harvesting the resources and transporting them via conveyor belts to your storage center. You gather more resources, invest into research & development, discover new techniques and machinery. Your factory grows, your processing chains grow longer, you need to expand.

So you dig down deeper into the earth, discovering new materials and opportunities. All the while your factory must stay humming and busy, so you swap back and forth, adjusting conveyor paths and bottlenecks in the system.

Refine and improve your materials and products further and further, to eventually be able to use highly advanced tech to create the pinnacle of engineering, a computer chip.

- Procedurally generated world
- 100 different machines
- 100 resources and products
- play-time to your first chip: about 30 hours
- play-time to you feeling there is nothing left to tweak and you can go outside now: infinity

I've been looking for a mobile factory game, and this is definitely the best one. A sense of progression and expansion that you find in Factorio is also present here. One issue: the only way to get rid of ex...
Awesome game, hours of distraction :)
Hugh Taylor
It's a good game
Rev JR