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About Moon


- Illustrating the phase of the moon with a picture
- Add the current Moon on your Homescreen and Lockscreen (only Android 4.2 or newer)
- Percentage of the visible moonarea
- journey through time - in the past and future
- list of the upcoming full and newmoons
- free and no ads
- install this app on your SD-Card (Android 2.2 or newer)

When is the next fullmoon? Is the moon increasing at the moment? How many percent of the moon is visible? With this app you are always well informed about the moon.

NEW: Since Android 4.2 it is possible to add widgets on your lockscreen. We are one of the first apps that implement this feature!

Developed in Germany by Amadeus Gebauer

Great widget no ads what a pleasure
Leanne Slaughter
Best ever 😍😍😍
Tanvlr AhmEd
Very nice
firdous khan