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About alpha vnc lite

Alpha vnc lite works WITHOUT ROOT permissions and provides REVERSE CONNECTION!

This app is using the Android Accessibility services.

Posterior Android 7 (Nougat), there are no input restrictions.
- software keyboard is accessible directly
- all systems items are clickable!
- a pointer device (such as a computer mouse) can be used to point & click
- the mouse wheel can be used to scroll up & down
- one finger swipe gestures are supported
- copy text from your local computer & paste to the remote device with Ctrl+V

Prior Android 7 (Nougat), there are still some restrictions and their work-around:
- A standard 104 key US keyboard layout is used as keyboard input.
- most items are clickable, but not all. There are minor issues with certain web-browsers and apps.
- The navigation buttons cannot be clicked directly. The following keys are used as shortcuts: 'ESC'-> for back navigation, 'home / pos1'-> trigger home button, 'page up'-> toggle recent apps, 'page down'-> pull down notification bar and 'end'-> call power dialog.

Posterior Android 10, the "Autostart" is not available!

For more information, please refer to the manual:

In the free version, the session will be disconnected after 10 minutes. Full version can be purchased.

For questions or recommendations, please use the contact link in the play store.

Nice one.
Does exactly what it potrays to do. Easy to use. Highly recommended
Relentless Noob
I think this app is best VNC server and remote control, also the best feature work without root and remote support.
saood saboor