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About OBDZero

OBDZero reads, displays and stores data from the iMiev, CZero og iOn electric cars. This data such as speed and electricity use is available on the car’s CAN computer network via a Bluetooth dongle attached to the car’s OBD port. The data is presented in 9 different screens. The first screen logs messages between the app, the OBD dongle and the car. Two screens are intended for use while driving. One of these, the WATTS screens, shows the car’s average watts, speed and watt-hours per km. The other screen, DRIVE, updates the distance to the next charging station, the difference between the remaining range and the distance to the station, and suggests a speed to the station.

OBDZero can also measure the 100% capacity of the cars battery.

The app saves data in semicolon separated text files, either in the phone’s internal RAM or on an SD Card depending on how the phone is set up.

OBDZero was developed on an older phone running Android 4.3 with an INTEY OBDII an inexpensive OBD Bluetooth dongle.

The Vgate Company sent a number of their OBD dongles for testing and the results are positive. Pirate copies of Vgate dongles are sold on the Internet. Tests of a copy and a true Vgate Scan showed that the true Scan is more stable and faster than the copy. When buying a dongle that purports to be manufactured by Vgate, check that the Vgate is the supplier.

The app does not exchange data with the Internet and it does not use GPS.

There is a user manual availiable for download at or by writing to [email protected]

I take no responsibility for any consequences of OBDZero's use.

Acknowledgements and references:
Much of the code for OBDZero comes from Blueterm by
The commands to the Bluetooth dongle were found in ELM327DSH.pdf from
The interpretations of the CAN PIDs for speed, voltage and current etc. were found on posted by jjlink, garygid, priusfan, plaes, dax, cristi, and kiev.
Special thanks to Anders Fanøe and Allan Korup for their advice on electric car and CAN technology.

Thank you for the research and development work! :) Do you have any experience about what OBD devices can be used wiht your app? I guess it works with the official OBDLINK LX. But with the other cheap clones?
Péter Vojnisek
New version fixes the black-on-dark-grey menu bug🤓
Richi Jennings