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About Rekola

Rekola: move quickly around the city on a shared bike

Rent a pink bike anytime you want. Ride for as long as you need. Then lock it anywhere within the designated area for the next rider. This is proper bikesharing!

How can I rent a bike?
You can easily register just on the street or you can use the account you already created in the past. To start a ride, scan a QR code on the basket of the bike and you will get the combination for the lock. Please put the lock to the handlebars so it won’t get stuck in your bike’s wheel. And now you are ready to go!

How much does it cost?
It depends on the city – prices start around 1 EUR per ride. You can get unlimited number of rides up to 30 minutes with Rekola subscription. In Czech cities you have first rides up to 15 min covered by Hello bank!. The app will always show you the current price. Or just take a look at for the pricing.

Where and when is possible to rent a bike? And how can I return it?
You can rent Rekola bikes 24/7. Simply pick the bike on the street, unlock it via the app and ride. During your rental, you can bike and park in bike racks anywhere in the city. When ending your rental, the bike must be locked and returned within the pink area (the zone) shown in map.

Looking for anything else? All information are available at

V Brně, když nepočítám zimu, skvělý způsob na ranní dopravu a odpolední provětrání hlavy cestou z práce. A nemusíte si pamatovat, kde jste zaparkovali kolo a vracet se k němu :)
Karolina Langnerová
Very happy with this app!
Gianvito Scaringi
appka pise, ze je outdated ale upgrade neponuka. reinstall nepomoze. edit: skusil som hned dalsi den v Brne a vsetko fungovalo OK. super.
Kamil Poturnaj