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About My Attendance GIRITON

My Attendance GIRITON makes it easy to insert and evaluate employees' attendance, record business trips in real time, share shift plans, submit and approve attendance requests and measure the work performed on individual projects.

Use a tablet or a web app as a attendance clock inside the buildings and smart phone to record the attendance in the field.

►►► To use the Attendance GIRITON please create the account at ◄◄◄

Employees use the app My Attendance GIRITON to enter their own attendance which is immediately sent to the cloud application Attendance GIRITON. If the device goes offline the data are stored locally and will be synced automatically as soon as the device goes online.

Users can attach a photo, comment, or the current GPS position to attendance events. When recording businesstrip, GPS position can be tracked and sent continuously.

Users can use the My Attendance GIRITON app also to view their own attendance and the attendance of other employees (if they have granted permission).

Also Attendance Requests (vacation request, doctor request, ...) can be sent directly to cloud application where it can be later approved or rejected by the responsible person.

To find out more information and to open the account please visit .

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