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About WebSupervisor

With WebSupervisor monitor and manage your devices from anywhere.

WebSupervisor is cloud based monitoring and control application not only for ComAp controllers. With using a communication gateway, it is possible to monitor also 3rd party devices communicating via Modbus.

Key features of application:
- Units overview with unit status sorting and filtering option
- Unit and sites location on the map
- Dashboard
- Single unit control
- Geotracking (WSV Pro account needed)
- Geofencing
- Alarmlist with possibility to reset alarms
- Branding (WSV Pro account needed)
- Push notifications
- Easy access to web application

Simply download the app and use your credentials from web application to enjoy access to your equipment.

Visit for more details about WebSupervisor

Good apk
Myo Myint Aung
Powerful thank you
Georges Tannous