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About Free Litecoin

With our 4 year history of creating faucets, incentive apps and giving away Bitcoins, we are finally bringing this to Litecoin!
In the app you can claim a little free Litecoin every hour. We have big hourly rewards, simply spin and claim a prize. You get multiple spins every hour so if you donโ€™t like the first reward, you can spin and try again. You can even top up your spins by watching a simple ad, so keep trying to claim those top prizes!

You can also claim additional bonuses โ€“ simply watch an ad and claim more Litoshi!

Your balance will automatically be sent to your registered Litecoin wallet address every week, as long as your earnings add up to at least 20,000 Litoshi.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How often can I claim free Litecoin in the app?

You can claim free Litecoin every hour.

What are the rewards for spinning in the app?

The app offers big hourly rewards for spinning and claiming a prize.
Very nice and legit application ๐Ÿ‘Œ
One of the best and legit ways to earn free cryptocurrency! Thanks guys. Wonderful Job. Hope you add other crypto currency like Dogecoin, Dash coin Or even Bitcoin similar to this app.
Jan Roland Alberto
I got many withdraw from this app best best app ever I use I work this app daily basis I love it today I get 100000 ltc from spin section please install and earn
alireza zarei
Nice and entertaining app,but as a user of the BitcoinAliens Apps ,I would recommend to the developers, to update the apps because a lot of close friends and myself included are experiencing glitches in the ...
Zier Zsolt
Best App for Earning Litecoin.. It's very simple...
Jemmy Herlin Lekatompessy