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About Bad Credit Loans - Compare Lender Reviews

IMPORTANT: Please note that none of the lenders who are compared on our app provide short term loans; instead, all loans have a max APR of 35.99% and a minimal repayment period of 90 days. Loan amounts may vary. Please note that we only perform the service of reviewing and comparing lenders, but we review no loan applications nor even receive them – we simply connect potential borrowers with the lenders. We make no credit checks or decisions, and we cannot impact a lender’s decision regarding your request. Lenders may sometimes contact you personally, and any loan contract signed will be under the lender’s terms and policies. There’s no guarantee to receive a loan and we do not endorse loans as a long term financial solution.
Rate simulations:
USA loan amounts are $500-$100,000, repayment terms are 180-2,555 days, with APRs ranging from 5% to 35.99%. Simulation: Say you get a loan for $20,000 from one of the lenders, for a period of 4 years with an APR of 7%. Your monthly payment will be $469.70 and total repayment will be $22,545.33.
India loan amounts are 500-40 Lakh INR, repayment terms are 180-1095 days, with APRs ranging from 12.3% to 130%. Simulation: Say you get a loan for 1 Lakh INR from one of the lenders, for a period of 2 years with an APR of 14%. Your monthly payment will be 4,801.29 INR and your total payments will be 1,15,230.92 INR.

So what’s the idea behind our app?

It’s quite simple. We understand that it’s not easy to live the modern life, and that sometimes you can get in a tight spot. When you’ve had to pull yourself up by the bootstraps, sometimes your credit score is less than stellar – and bad credit loans can have pretty bad terms for the borrower. That’s where we come in – we help borrowers compared lenders. if you need a personal loan, and you want to discover which cash lender is the most suitable in your case – look no further!
• Compare lenders’ offers for bad credit loans
• Choose offers that suit your terms
• Fill in some personal details and details about your loan (like amount required and term
From here the process diverges between different cash lenders, but the general idea is that credit checks will be run and the lender you’re connected to will decide whether to make you an offer for a loan, which you can take. Funds will be transferred within a varying number of business day and you’ll be able to use them!

What kinds of uses are possible?

The answer to “what can I use a cash advance for?” are variable and depend on the lender you end up connecting to... Not all lenders have offers in all fields but generally, there’s a good chance to find bad credit loans for many different types of use cases.

Why online?

You may ask yourself why look for bad credit loans online. First of all, online loans make it easier to run due diligence on the lender, compared to trying to get a loan from disputed sources around you. If you have bad credit, it’s likely the bank near you won’t agree to giving you a personal loan with good conditions, so you might turn to these questionable sources – instead, a bad credit loan from a certified online lender that we can help connect you to, will be a trustworthy and could even be a better offer than personal loans available near you.

Bottom Lines

We know it’s not easy to be down on your luck. If you need a cash advance and you have bad credit, sometimes it could feel really hopeless when you’re looking – all the offers are not great and you may even have trouble finding any offers at all. Through the Bad Credit Loans app, we give you the chance to compare the offers many different lenders have for you, and we facilitate a connection between you and the lender. From there, you have a chance to take hold of your own fate and possible get a loan that’s perfect for you!

Don’t hesitate – compare cash lenders online and make the right decisions!

Nice to see that bad credit options exist
Ray Alicea
Very nice
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This is very nice app
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