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About My Turn: Infinite Magic Duel

Download the most interesting card duel game for free! Play with ease, and have an exciting matchup with players worldwide!

"My Turn" is an innovative card duel game, TCG + MOBA?! Unexpected combination! What kind of spark it will burst if we put them together?! During our six-month testing, we continuously improved gameplay and balance of the mechanism and received unanimous praise from hundreds of thousands of players from all over the world.

Finally, we’re ready! My Turn Tavern is opening for everyone now!

Game features:
★ Get started quickly, set your line-up with ease!
No need to remember long description of cards, just choose 4 heroes, equip gear cards with them then you can easily make your exclusive deck! We offer nearly 100 heroes and equipment cards to let you display your fantastic strategies!

★Fast-paced duel, crazy and fun!
As short as 7 minutes of matchup time, a brainpower competition, strategy contest... Let us bring you the most enjoyable card experience!

★Reverse the desperate situation and overturn the table!
In a strategy game, I'm at a disadvantage, what should I do...
Come on! In My Turn tavern, if you use your ingenuity to the fullest, there will be unexpected results! There are numerous heroes to help you reverse the whole situation!

★Strong balance - a fair game!
Say bye-bye to pay-to-win! Our game has a strong balance of its mechanism, which means you just need to use smart strategies and exert endless imagination, you can climb to the top of the ladder! Our Tavern is always welcome you all to come in and have a free drink ~

★Climb to the top of the world and win glory!
Play with worldwide players on the same server! We have a perfect ladder ranking mechanism and irregular competitions, come to drink with the global players in My Turn Tavern!

If you encounter any issue in-game, kindly follow our official Facebook Fanpgae and leave your message for your puzzle, and you will get immediate reply.
My Turn Official Facebook Fanpage:
Our official Website:

Kudos to the devs who made this game. Very excellent card game to play and nice artwork as well. Keep up the good work!
Jake Jinayon
Okay so this game IS NOT a p2w game. I have been playing for over a year as a beta tester not paid and the game has continually approved. I have NEVER left a 5 star rating. It took me a solid week to figure ...
Dolax Sidoran
Havent even finished the tutorial and already encountered issue. Wifi icon appeared, got kicked from the game to login screen. Tried to login, cant, checm my connection, all is good, closed re open game, sti...
Boyke Ferdinandes