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About Ghost EMF Hunter - Radar Detector Locator Tool

With our Ghost EMF Hunter APP you will be able to detect Ghost Spirits & Demons that maybe in your premises. Our APP Utilizes the Antenna Arrays in your smartphone to detect EMF Fields. Since Ghost & Spirits are pure energy consciousness then they in theory can be detected by these means.

EMF stands for electromagnetic field and has been used in the Ghost Hunting field for quite some time. Our APP has been updated and contains three Very Sensitive Electromagnetic Fields RADAR - COMPASS & GRAPH. These are used to facilitate contact with Souls or Ghosts that have crossed or passed onto the other side or are still here
as poltergeists.

Our APP uses a Pulse Radar to help you detect energy fields in your area. We have incorporated dual compass for more accuracy. You should start out with the Radar screen and at the same time search your premises. When using you should stay away from Switches Lights and transformers and anything else that gives off Electromagnetic Energy.

Once you you have picked up something in open space then go to the Compass PAGE and use the Dual Compass to dowse the entity. Once both compass pointer align then you will pick up "Target Acquired" screen and you will see communication detected. You now can now ask questions and see if you get response - "YES" - the RED LIGHT to the Flickering Lights. Ask the Entity Any questions you like and instruct them to move their Energy Body for a YES and NO for no response.


How can I tell whether the APP is producing False Reading?

Do NOT use our APP next to Switches or Forms of Electromagnetic Fields such as switches and AC Receptacles or any consumer products such as monitors or adapters. When using stay away from these devices at least 3 feet so you don’t get any false readings.

How do I make contact with the Entities - Souls, Spirits or Demons

Investigate the property that you are at and do constant sweeps using the Pulse Radar or Sensitive Compass PAGE. You can also use the Graph Page for more closure examination of Electromagnetic Fields in your area so you can understand what is real what is NOT!

Why are there TWO directional Pointer Hands on the Compass Page?

The directional Pointers are offset by two variables making detection more effective – once the two compass lines pointers meet – then you have attained communication – the device will display Target Acquires on the Bottom and TOP will display Communication detected. During detection you see the TOP portion Colored Lights scrolling. If you receive the RED LIGHT – this is when the Entity is trying to communicate with you.

How to communicate with lost Soul (passed)

Souls and or Demons are Energy beings that have passed away Long time ago or recently. In the Compass PAGE once you have detected an Entity – please use the RED DOT that will appear to ask “YES” or “NO” questions.

How to communicate with Demons
Demons gain power from joining together with other soul to create an evil Entity that lives here and in between other low vibrational dimensional grey areas of the ether – where there is no light. You will never get Demons will never gain their trust. This is type contact is strictly prohibited but can be done in similar ways mentioned in the above – to contact a soul. We will not give directions here as you need to read other books on how to proceed with this.

Do not USE close Large Transformers as you possible damage your sensor or your phone.

Please Remember - Ghost Detection isn't an exact science yet that hasn't been scientifically proven but doesn't mean we can't try and it is up to you to decide otherwise!

Contact us if you have any suggestion or feedback about our Ghost EMF Hunter APP, we will always try to answer any question to the best our Ability.

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