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About Talking Pocoyo 2 | Kids entertainment game!

From the creators of Talking Pocoyo comes the new and improved game that is a worldwide hit, Talking Pocoyo 2 !

Now with much MORE CONTENT and much MORE FUN!!!

Pocoyo is back stronger than ever and ready to be the best entertainment game for kids. Once again, the endearing curious child, together with his friends, live endless adventures with which he manages to surprise us with everything he does. His way of seeing the world, his curiosity to learn by playing and his desire to discover get infected from the first minute you start playing with the app. HAVE FUN PLAYING THIS KIDS ENTERTAINMENT GAME!!

Therefore, this is the perfect occasion for the little ones to start taking their first steps in this wonderful world full of knowledge from Pocoyo's perspective.

There won't be a day when you go to bed without knowing one more thing. We love seeing Pocoyo becoming a great friend who is always close to you. Visit, take care and play with him every day.


Get ready to laugh with Pocoyo:

- Talk to him, and he'll repeat what you say.
- Tickle and touch him, along with a whole bunch of new and fun actions.
- Take care of and feed him, and remember to take him to the bathroom, and tuck him in!
- Dress him in whatever clothes you want: Pocoyo can be an adventurer, an astronaut, a magician, and much more. There are hundreds of elements with which you can customise Pocoyo, however you want.
- Play with him and explore all the fun-filled corners of his house.
- Play the guitar, piano or drums, or DJ his records.
- Level up to get new customisation items for your favourite character.
- Decoration Customize the distribution and design of Pocoy├│'s house, with a wide variety of furniture, decorations and thematic collections.

Get prizes every day and discover, as you progress, all the surprises we have prepared for you.

Now you have a good friend always close to you, to visit, care for and play with him every day.

Through the fun and varied games, children will also be able to explore every corner of Pocoyo's House.

Pedagogical benefits:

This app develops the following concepts in the kids:

- Hearing Stimulation: The great advantage of encouraging hearing stimulation at these ages is that children have an absolute predisposition to learn much and fast. The phrase "children are like sponges that all absorb" could not be more true. In addition, it promotes emotional and affective development. It sharpens auditory perception, stimulates activity, promotes language development... has a myriad of positive aspects.

- Imagination: Empowering imagination among our children is to support thought to intelligence. They are educated by images to make the learning process effective and more fun for the child.

The goal of Talking Pocoyo 2 is to learn by playing.

This app contains:

- Parental controls
- High-quality 3D graphics
- A wide variety of different animations
- Games and areas of Pocoyo's house with which to interact.
- The option to make purchases within the application.
- The option to eliminate advertising.

You've just got to try it. Start playing TALKING POCOYO 2 now.

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