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About Twibbon EID Mubarak 2022

The Latest Collection of Eid Al-Fitr Photo Frames 2022 - 1443 Hijriyah

Come on guys, just download the application, there are lots of interesting Eid al-Fitr frames which will later be used as Eid 2022 Greeting Cards for friends, family and so on. In addition to the 2022 Fasting Sticker, another Eid-themed application is the Eid Al-Fitr Twibbon 1443H Photo Frame Collection.

Feature :
1. Very easy to use Hari Raya Photo Frames.
2. Select a photo from the gallery or take a new photo with the camera.
3. Best Eid Greetings provided.
4. Zoom and Rotate options to fit the photo on the frame.
5. Click the Frame button which shows the total Eid Al-Fitr Frames to select and apply your photo.
6. Save your framed photo to your SD card or Phone Gallery.

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Taqabbalallahu minna wa minkum