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About EtherSurface

EtherSurface is a multitouch performance surface and real time synthesizer for your Android device. Slide your fingers across the screen to control pitch, timbre, and volume. EtherSurface has the ability to play in a variety of scales and tonalities, including the microtonal Bohlen-Pierce scale. Version 1.0 has three unique timbres you can choose from.

EtherSurface is proudly powered by the Csound synthesis programming language to clean and high-quality synthesis.

this takes up all of my time now
Chung Man
Great job
Krishnapuri Pithoragarh
A really well made musical synth app. Gives you a lot of options to play around with.
Billy Mays
Really beautiful app
Fadhil Hasoon
Stunning app, I love it. I would pay $50 for this app in a heartbeat. Please update it so we can record in the app. Keep up great works 💪
Farzam Salami
Rad. Thank you
Ollie Vaughn