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About My ZarinPal

Perhaps it has happened too many of us that a website we are purchasing from looks suspicious
and prevents us from buying. Many times you have questions in mind, for instance, if the seller
will answer my questions after my purchase? Will I get the product I have paid for? Will I get the
right service? Maybe he won’t answer me and I won’t get what I have paid for at all! There are
many websites that are difficult to trust at first glance. Zarinpal has made online shopping
experience more pleasant. Using Zarinpal payment gateway and services, you can purchase
from 20.000 websites without having any above concerns and be confident that in case of not
receiving the product or service you have paid for in 4 days, you can get your money back
through Zarinpal. In addition, you can buy credit charges, charge top-ups and pay your bills safe
and quick using your securely stored information, through Zarinpal’s one-click payment service.
All these services and many others are provided in a user friendly and convenient interface.

Zarinpal App enables you to perform simple and secure financial transactions on the Internet.
Using Zarinpal app, you can make any financial transaction on the Internet or via the websites that
accept Zarinpal, through Zarinpal payment gateway. Also, if you are selling goods or services on
the Internet, it is possible for you to use Zarinpal’s payment gateway and accelerate your online
payment process within Zarinpal’s information security policies and Islamic republic of Iran’s
payment rules and regulations. Simply put, if you want to execute financial transactions and
transfer money on the Internet, you can now join Zarinpal and start your business using its secure
payment gateway system without any concern.

When update version 4 comes???
Sir Mohammad
خیلی عالی
Mohamad Jafari
عالی هست برنامه مرسی از زرین پال
Ghost Hesam