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About Datascape (Tools for Runescape)

With this app, you will be able to check your stats, weekly/monthly XP gain, monster info, Grand Exchange prices, and more! I would love to add more features to the app so please leave suggestions.

- Player lookup
- Grand Exchange data
- Monster lookup
- Quest lookup
- Adventurer's log
- Weekly XP tracker (requires being in a clan)
- High Alchemy table
- And more!

Stat icons and the trademark 'Runescape' belong to Jagex Ltd. Yveltius and Jagex are not affiliated.

Ive tried other apps to look up quests, beasts, players, skills and GE and everything. But never had i seen an app that did ALL that in one. This is a well made, designed snd intuitive app. I opened it and f...
Knighted Wolf851
Simple, clean, and snappy app. Perfect for any RS player who needs some quick stats and references. Really well put together!
Michael Speer