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About HappyPoker

You have a lot of friends, and you want to play dummy. However, the modern life is busy, the work is tense, the trifles are entangled. It is not easy for people to be together in different parts of the city.
Now, just a mobile phone, join the happy poker, you can organize a card party. Get your relatives and friends together to regain the fun of the game.
【game features】
1.Check in with a room card, and each room has an independent room number.
2. The unique invitation to friends feature allows you to play cards only with acquaintances while eliminate strangers' spoils
3. Fully simulate the traditional scoring method and experience more authentic
4. There is a small settlement at the end of each hand, and there are total settlements and technical indicators at the end of each hand. Whoever wins or loses, who plays better, is concise and clear at a glance.
5. The voice function of the table allows you to communicate with friends while playing cards, make friends, and promote friendship.
6. Fair and fair shuffling and licensing algorithm to ensure that the game is played in an absolutely fair environment
7.Professional technical support to eliminate all cheating.

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