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About YUMMI - Restaurant & Food Diary - Log FOODprints

YUMMI is a new foodie platform that makes it easy and fast to track food adventures. Simply upload everyday food photos. Log and document all your restaurant visits and dishes you ordered into a neatly organized food only diary. Keep note of what’s good and what’s not so great. Remind yourself places you’ve been and what you liked. You can follow friends' food journey and get daily food inspiration. You do not have to share if you choose not to. Take control of your diary log and set it private just for you.

Yummi combines the best tools and features you love on other platforms into one app. Log, remember, share, and explore food all in one place. Our tools make it easy and quick for you to instantly access all your food memories when and where you want.

**What can you do on Yummi.**

Yummi lets you create and manage a food profile so you can keep a LOG of YOUR FOOD HISTORY. Everyone has a unique food identity and Yummi is about saying "This is me and this is what I love to eat." Yummi also lets everyone have a glimpse into each other's food world so they can find food ideas and inspirations.

If you enjoy taking food photos, Yummi is perfect FOR YOU. We know many foodies' prefer not to share food photos on social media. You take them to remember what or where you’ve eaten, but they just get piled up in your image library. Stop letting them go to waste. Make Yummi the home for all your food photos. Yummi offers the tools foodies want so they can document, find, and access their food memories, whenever and wherever.

Logging food photos on Yummi is easy, and it allows all your culinary moments and food adventures to be recorded, recalled, and re-lived.
• Meals from vacation holidays
• Special dining experiences
• Everyday food adventures
• Proud home-cooked meals
• Calorie intake monitoring
• Or just about any food experiences with photos...

**Easy to get started**

To get started, just upload your food photos. Select a cuisine. Tag them to a location. And you're done. We turn your food photos into "Foodprints".

Foodprints are geo-tagged and timestamped. They’re organized chronologically and can be viewed in a Calendar. Also the timestamp is backdated to when you had the meal so it's easy to look back and accurately know when and what you had.

The best part about Yummi is you earn coins that can be used to tip expert foodies for their suggestions and to buy real food from restaurants.

**How are we different?**

Unlike existing popular platforms, Yummi does things a little bit different. It’s because we think these features you know well and are already using makes more sense this way for food content and food information. We want to use the features you know and habits you use in other apps, and forge it in a way that makes sense to navigate food content and food information.

• Posts are called Foodprints
• Foodprints require tag to a location
• Timestamp of foodprint is not when you post, but backdated to when you had the food
• Foodprints are organized by historical timeline of your meal
• Friends’ feeds can be sorted based on geolocation so you can find your friends’ foodprints wherever and whenever
• Snapshot of your food history is organized in a Calendar view so you can easily look back on memorable meals

• Backdated time stamp organizes post into chronological order
• Privacy control enabling individual post visibility
• Multiple photos upload per post
• Classify every post into a cuisine category
• Bookmark favorite posts and places to recall later
• Geolocation tagging of all photos for findability
• Search any posts by place, cuisine, or hashtag on the network
• Sort friends’ posts and photos to display nearest
• Swipe images to explore yummy places nearby
• View all foodprints in beautiful calendar format
• Food tracker cum diary to record and recall your food memories
• Get interesting recipes for home-made & gourmet meals
• Restaurant finder

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This is perfect for foodies! I love the timestamp and geolocation function. It makes logging my "foodprints" so easy! The explore feature is pretty funny as it's basically like a Tinder for good and bad eats...
Ivy Chen
Useful app with lots of potential! It's the perfect diary for foodies, easy to use and fun!
Julia Joe
It has a nice suite of features 😌🤺
Anthony Smith
This is the best food app ive adapted to. yall did a great job. theres only one problem, whwn i lwave reviews for apps, i dont ever get a thank you from you guys. or anyone. why is that? anyways, great job.
Giovanni Valentine
Great idea, I believe will eventually replace Yelp since they have not innovated recently. This is a perfect way of finding the best dishes in your area and saving your best dishes cooked at home to share wi...
A Google user
I love it, easy to use, great to keep track of all the places i've eaten at.
Jacqueline Choi