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About 52 Weeks Money Challenge

Still trying to keep a running tab on your spending, but end up with no money saved?

Saving doesn’t need to be hard, you just need to find a way that is most suited to you to make saving both easy and fun. The popular 52 Weeks Money Challenge is actually a great way to save!

What is the 52 Weeks Money Challenge?
For the first week, save $10
From the second week, save $10 more than the previous week
In one year, you will have saved $13,780!

There is no trick to it, just save the relevant amount each week, at the end of one year you will end up with a sizeable sum!

Start your new year with a new goal, get your friends on board and participate in the challenge together! Just set your saving goal and you are on your way to impressive savings at the end of the year!

【5 Major Features 】
▸ Different challenge modes
Add fun and variety to normal saving plans

▸ Customized start date
If you have already started your saving plan, you can still transfer without issues

▸ Customized your own saving cycle
Make saving free and flexible

▸ Define your own currency
For ones that love to travel, make saving more goal-oriented

▸ Reminder setting
Keeping you on track and on top of your saving goals

Set yourself a goal and start saving today!

【From the developer】
Staying up countless late nights to develop this app.
Please support me with ★★★★★ if you are enjoying saving money with this app and share this handy tool with your friends and loved ones.
If you have any questions or recommendations for the app, I would love to hear from you. Contact me on: [email protected]

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It is best app
house 436h
Exciting way of doing something extremely important. Better than similar apps because you can actually change the currency and realistically track what you have in your "piggy bank"
Frosina Tasevska
A great money planner
ambitious liz