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About MyBind

Bind is health insurance designed—finally—like the other useful services of our modern daily lives. Clear costs. Fewer barriers. And an intuitive, easy experience.

The Bind plan was designed to give members more control and fewer barriers—so they can optimize the power of their plan and use their health insurance based on their personal health needs.
- Clear costs in advance ($0 deductible and no coinsurance)
- Broad network choice and convenient treatment options
- Flexible coverage control
- Opportunities to save

Not having a deductible is a great first step. But the Bind plan was designed to support members year-round and provide options and answers to their health care and drug coverage and cost questions.
- Transparent prices for doctors, treatments and drugs
- Helpful information on where to save

The MyBind app was built to answer members’ coverage and cost questions with clarity and ease.
- Members can find answers to common questions:
“How is what I need covered?”
“How much will the treatment cost me?”
“What are my treatment options?”
“Where can I go for what I need?”
- Treatment option information and health condition support
- Easy account-based tracking
- Online and phone support

Health is personal. Now health insurance is too.

So far, so good! We just got this insurance through my work. The app is pretty easy to use, and let's you know up front what you'll be paying.
Erin Bond
Very intuitive clean interface! Please keep it like this and simple!
Harpreet Singh
Great customer service
Jerrick Weston