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About Sparkle - Meet New People, Make Friends Dating App

Sparkle is an popular online social, chatting and dating app. and you can match, chat, meet new people and make friends here. The most and important feature in Sparkle is to increase the probability of chat, match and meet success from reading users’ chat history.

Do you want to meet new people, find a new friendship, and keep away from loneliness? Do you want to go out of inner circle? Do you want to peek into others' inner world? In Sparkle, our system can find users who match with you by checking his/her reply rate, attractiveness, hobbies and other related information. Therefore, every information in Sparkle could make you much easier learn about one's real self and soul. Hope you have a wonderful journey and find the best match here.

More Features
- Sparkle would recommend plenty of people who share the same hobbies, location and other related information with you on "Matches". "Follow" is no longer need to do before you chat. Now, it's the time for you to chat with the user who you liked.
- You can chat and meet cute people on "Discover". The user's public chat history could show his/her inner world, and similarities between you two. You can choose to public parts of their chat records to show yourself. When both side of the chat choose to display their chat records publicly, and others could read public chat history on "Discover" or your personal profile. Public chat history can help you become cuter and make more users learn about you. If you are interested in someone, you can read this user's public chat records to know more about he/she too.
- The Reply Rate is directly showed on user's personal profile. You could know the user you want to approach is cold or enthusiastic by his/her Reply Rate, and never worry about chat messages would be ignored by them.
- There are no limitations about uploading your personal Avatar here. You can upload whatever kind of Avatar can show yourself.
- Moments on Discover can show your good taste, which can help to meet someone share the similar taste with you.

Why Sparkle - Meet new people
- Go social: We would use data science to help you match with users who share similarities.
- Show attractiveness: Release your true inner thoughts and show good tastes by sharing chat records.
- Say goodbye with awkward conversations: Build comfortable social environment , and chat with someone who is compatiable with your soul.

Sparkle is not a regular social, networking and dating app, you can have unlimited chats here. Sparkle would use data science to find matches for you. Whatever you want to date, find friends or meet new one, you may know the user's hobbies, interests and other related information from his/her public chat records. Also, personal profile and introduction can reveal users’ personality and experience. The more you replied to others’ chat each day, the higher Reply Rate could be showed publicly and more users' Cards would be recommended for you on ‘Matches’. Sparkle is different with most social, chat and dating apps, chat with system recommended users is always before matching.

Sparkle as a popular chatting and online dating app, so many young adults are using Sparkle to meet new one, make new friends, chat and date. They also share chat history on Discover, and read others' moments here. Sparkle won't restrict the type of Avatar uploaded. You can upload any photos can show personal style, including cartoon images. It’s great to share moods in Sparkle or small things in life on moments or publish chat history on ‘Discover’. Sometimes, someone there shared the similar mood could leave comments under moments and chat history, maybe it’s a good start in Sparkle! Match and Chat efficiently and easily with Sparkle data science. Sparkle is not only a dating and matching app, make friends is a main feature here too. You can meet and chat with like-minded friends. Hope you can meet new friends and find best match here.

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Awesome site, easy to use, and met someone on the second day using it.
Anette Atkins
Awesome 👍
Krishna Kp
first of all totally app on internet.., better than tinder and far better than any other app. just one req. dont make this app paid. this app is best but you have to be handsome enough so that ...
Suraj Sharma